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Numb Lip After Root Canal

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On October 18th I had I root canal.  The procedure went well, no pain or any side effects.  On October 24th, I had the temporary filling replaced with a permanent filling on the same tooth and again everything went great, no pain or side effects.  On the morning of November 11th, I woke up with numbness on my right lower lip and as the day wore on the right side of my chin became numb and both the chin and lip have been numb ever since.  I called the dentist on the same day and he prescribed antibiotics and said to take them until I finished them.  

I was to call if the numbness continued.  I called again this week and told the dentist that the numbness was still there.  I was told that I didn’t need to do anything further as I was having residual effects from the root canal and that the numbness would eventually go away.  I guess my concern is that the numbness occurred a few weeks after the the root canal, even though the procedure went well.  Is this normal?

I assume the root canal was done on the lower jaw on the same side? Let me know. There is something compressing the nerve possible infection. If you could give me some more details that would be great.

Thanks for your reply Dr.  Yes, the root canal was done on the right side lower jaw.  I believe the tooth number was 30.  I have no pain just numbness on my lower right lip and chin.

Thanks again for your reply.

Sounds like compression of the nerve from swelling. Most likely associated with the recent treatment. Anti-inflammatory such as Voltaren or Advil can help and hopefully in time as it heals the feeling returns. Nerves can take quite a deal of time to recover. If you are concerned I would recommend going and seeing your dentist and if you are still not satisfied getting a second opinion.

I saw my dentist today, x-rays didn’t show anything abnormal. However, he believes what you had told me and has prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a anti-biotic for the infection. I am to check back in six to eight weeks if the numbness continues. Thanks again for your care and concern as well as your follow-up.

Numb Lip After Root Canal

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