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In the event of a severe toothache, emergency patients can be seen the same day during normal practice hours Monday through to Friday.

Quality Dental has compiled a First Aid Guide for dental emergencies that provides a quick reference in the unfortunate event of a dental emergency. The Guide is intended to provide general information about next steps:


A toothache can be caused by many and varied reasons and generally can only be fixed by visiting the dentist. Toothache symptoms can range from mild discomfort when eating and drinking through to severe discomfort and aching in and around the affected area. For temporary relief of toothache over the counter anti-inflamatory painkillers can reduce discomfort, but you should always follow dosage instructions on the packet.

Chipped Tooth

If you chip your tooth please make sure you come in for an examination as soon as possible through one of our guaranteed same day appointments. A chipped tooth can become infected if left exposed over a period of time and cause permanent damage and discolouration to the tooth. Chipped teeth can be very sensitive to moving air and cold, so it’s best to avoid cold drinks and food to minimise discomfort.

Lost Filling

Losing a filling can be as a result of the filling failing; a broken tooth; or further decay that may be prone to additional problems. Dental treatment should be sought as soon as possible to prevent a toothache from developing. Quality Dental will ensure patients who lose a filling are seen on the same day. In the interim you should avoid eating on the side of the mouth where the filing has fallen out. Taking pain-relief (e.g., pandadol or nurofen) and avoiding cold substances will minimise symptoms until your appointment.

Tooth Knocked Out

If a tooth is knocked out call Quality Dental North Sydney for an immediate emergency dental appointment. If you have the tooth place it in a secure container filled with milk and apply ice to the injury in the mouth. If you don’t have milk at hand, place the tooth in a container to keep it as clean as possible until you see the dentist. Please remember to bring the tooth to your emergency appointment.

Bitten Lip or Tongue

If you have an injury where your teeth have cut through your lip or tongue, try to stem the bleeding by applying ice and pressure. If the cut is small and shallow, keep the area as clean as possible and it will generally heal of its own accord. If the wound is significant and the bleeding does not stop call Quality Dental North Sydney or visit your local hospital’s emergency department as the wound may require suturing. If you have any doubt about how to care for the wound or you are unsure if the wound requires further treatment call Quality Dental or visit a hospital emergency department.

Broken Jaw

If you have, or suspect you have, a broken jaw you should seek immediate treatment from the nearest hospital’s emergency department. A broken jaw is a serious injury and may need to undergo surgery with a Maxillofacial Surgeon. For advice in this situation our emergency dentist at Quality Dental North Sydney will accept calls.

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