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10 Tips From On How To Look Your Best In Photos

Want to know some great tips on how to look your best in photos? Looking great photos is no easy feat. Unflattering photos, especially when posted on social media, may present the wrong image of you to thousands of people.

And really, if Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney and Hugh Jackman don’t always photograph well, what hope do the rest of us have?

Fortunately there are several things you can do to ensure you look your best in front of the lens.

As a leading cosmetic dentist who takes a lot of photos let me offer the following ten tips.

How to Look Your Best in Photos

Don’t say “cheese”.

The word stretches your mouth into an unnatural, strained smile. Instead, try words that end in “uh”, like yoga, because they bring up the corners of your mouth naturally.

Tuck away your tongue.

Keeping your tongue behind your upper teeth will help relax your face muscles. It also raises your chin, tightens your neck muscles and helps open your mouth a bit.

Make your lips seem fuller.

Smile enough to show your teeth but not so much as to thin your lips.

Banish the turkey neck. To avoid having a double chin in photos, make sure the camera is slightly above your gaze, not below eye level. Extend your neck, angle your head slightly and jut your chin forward. You can also try the age-old trick of resting your chin on your hand.

Avoid a gummy smile.

A three-quarter smile will keep your gums from dominating your smile.

Hide cracks and stains with petroleum jelly.

This helps erase lines and minor faults in your lips and make them appear fuller and smoother.

Ladies, use makeup to brighten your smile.

Lipstick with red and berry shades and blue undertones will make your teeth appear whiter, as will bronzer with brown tones. Magenta-coloured lipstick and gold-toned bronzer can make your smile look yellow.

Wet your teeth.

Have a quick drink of water right before taking the photo to get a more sparkling smile.

Breathe right.

Just before taking a photo, breathe in and smile as you breathe out. This will give you a more natural smile by relaxing your face muscles.

Do your prep work at the dentist.

Getting your smile camera ready sometimes requires a bit of behind-the-scenes preparation. Cosmetic dentistry can significantly boost your on-camera confidence. For example, a professional teeth-whitening treatment is an easy way to get you comfortable in front of the lens.

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