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Secrets to Help you Achieve that Celebrity Smile

Celebrities are not born with perfect smiles. If you have ever admired a dazzling smile on a movie star or television actor, you are most likely admiring the work of their cosmetic dentist. The key to getting that perfectly straight, milky white and beautifully contoured smile is to work closely with your cosmetic dentist. No […]


Secrets Celebrities Don’t Want You to Know

For many years, the starry presence of celebrities have graced red carpet events and covers of fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar. Some of Hollywood’s most enduring celebrities like Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston just never seem to grow old. After all these years spent in show business, living what presumably is […]


Whitened Teeth for a White Christmas

Reality-show stars Aisha Jade, Travis Lunardi and Katie Schepis from Big Brother 2014 fame dropped in to a Christmas event hosted by Philips in one of North Sydney’s swankiest addresses in dental town. Quality Dental. The White Christmas Zoom Whitening Event, held at Quality Dental – easily one of NSW’s leading destinations for cosmetic dental […]


Smile Makeover Secrets behind Celebrities

Have you ever wondered why superstar celebrities always look so good when they smile? It seems like they are not only blessed with good looks, a charming personality and a fattened bank account, they also own the most dazzling perfect smiles. Well, not really. Most of them owe their smiles to their dentists. Not surprisingly, […]


Behind Every Celebrity Smile, There is a Great Cosmetic Dentist!

Its safe to say that behind every celebrity smile, there is a great cosmetic dentist. Everyone in Tinseltown from A-listers Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage to teen heartthrobs Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus have received some form of Cosmetic Dental treatment.


Invisalign, the Secret Behind Justin Bieber’s Smile

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star, has recently decorated the newsstands around North Sydney because of several run-ins with the law. In Toronto, he faces charges of assaulting a limousine driver. In Los Angeles, a neighbour accuses him of egging a house. In Miami, he’s dealing with charges of driving under the influence and resisting […]

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