Its safe to say that behind every celebrity smile, there is a great cosmetic dentist. Everyone in Tinseltown from A-listers Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage to teen heartthrobs Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus have received some form of Cosmetic Dental treatment. And from the photos we have found on websites such as this:, it appears the dental treatments have done their careers a whole lot of good, to say the least. Let’s just say prior to treatment, the stars don’t really look like, ahem… stars at all.

Psst! Miley Cyrus and George Clooney had veneers done!

Of course these so-called Celebrity Smiles did not come out of a cookie-cutter process, but each treatment was carefully tailored to the specific needs of the patient. Formerly known as Disney’s favourite teen idol “Hannah Montana”, Miley Cyrus had in recent time, undergone an image overhaul to rather mixed reactions. However, most people would agree that her new dentally augmented smile is indeed a positive improvement. She went from having a “gummy smile” look to the headline grabbing, glamour girl version, thanks to her Hollywood dentist. Believed to have gotten veneers and a surgery to elongate her teeth, Miley has been strutting her stuff in her latest music videos, featuring close-angle shots that reveal a confident spunky side and of course, those gorgeous, brand new sparklies.

George Clooney is another A-lister known for his smouldering good looks. The aesthetics of Mr Clooney’s smile has undoubtedly contributed to his physical appearance – something his dentist, a certain Dr Abenaim, would know better. According to, Dr Abenaim said a major reason Mr Clooney sought his dental skills was because he was a teeth grinder who required a cosmetic change to improve his appearance. The Up in the Air star had veneers applied and crown lengthening surgery. The latter procedure entails raising the gumline to expose more teeth, hence creating a more even and proportionate smile line. The procedure was estimated to cost anywhere from 30-35k.

North Sydney’s Cosmetic Dentist to the Stars

If you have been enamoured by these megawatt celebrity smiles, don’t be. They all came to be because of qualified cosmetic dentists who happen to be pretty good at what they do. Closer to home in North Sydney, Dr Luke Cronin of Quality Dental is also a Cosmetic Dentist to our local celebrities. Indeed, Dr Cronin has the clinical ability to transform a person’s smile into a more aesthetically pleasing, healthy looking and beautiful smile. Contact Quality Dental on (02) 9922 1159 to book your cosmetic consultation.