Have you ever wondered why superstar celebrities always look so good when they smile? It seems like they are not only blessed with good looks, a charming personality and a fattened bank account, they also own the most dazzling perfect smiles. Well, not really. Most of them owe their smiles to their dentists. Not surprisingly, just as many celebrities go under the knife to reconstruct their physical appearance, most of them have had a cosmetic dental procedure to improve the appearance of their smile.

Despite its ubiquity in Hollywood, the dental smile makeover still remains one of the best-kept secrets in celebrity-dom. Most people do not realise that a smile makeover can dramatically impact the total appearance of a person. Before-and-after smile makeover pictures of celebs like Tom Cruise and Zac Efron are circulating in cyberspace, prompting the usual “oohs” and “ahhs” from unsuspecting fans.

Actually, Cruise and Efron are probably the ones with the most dramatic results from their smile makeover treatments. In his “before” picture, Tom Cruise sported a rather severe case of misaligned teeth. The multi-million dollar Hollywood star, ironically best known for his endearing smile, was estimated to have spent over US$30,000 (A$34,800) on dental treatments to achieve his iconic smile.

New generation heartthrob Zac Efron looked almost like another person before his smile reconstruction. Efron had a wide gap right in the centre of his front teeth. He reportedly spent US$10,000 (A$11,600) on invisible braces to close the gap as well as whiten his pearlies. The results are impressive. Although his ardent female fans may not concur, it is quite obvious to most people – who have seen the before-and-after pictures – that Zac’s transformation from bashful kid to pin-up superstar owes much to the dental work.

Tom and Zac are not the only ones who needed to smile pretty for the cameras. Not even multi-talented actor and director Ben Affleck could resist the temptation of cosmetic dentistry. The Oscar winning director of “Argo” has had extensive dental work done, including teeth whitening, veneers and dental crown work. What were once small, uneven teeth are now proportionately contoured and radiantly white! Ben certainly has more reasons to be smiling these days.

What all these stars have in common is a good cosmetic dentist – a qualified practitioner with a keen eye for smile aesthetics and the right clinical skills to back up the artistry. If you happen to live in Sydney Australia, you don’t have to envy them. Dr Luke Cronin, a Cosmetic Dentist at Quality Dental in North Sydney, can offer you the same treatments that Hollywood stars receive.