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The Secret to Looking 7 Years Younger – A Straight, Beautiful Smile

How old we look is often more than just the extent of our facial lines and wrinkles. In fact, a recent study revealed that 4 in 5 women agree a straight, healthy-looking smile can make you look younger. How much younger? Well according to 95% of women asked, an average of 7 years!^

The Secret to Take Years Off Your Age is Right Under Your Nose!

Over 1,000 participants were shown images of the same women with only the state of their teeth altered. They were then asked to rank five common ageing concerns in order of impact.  Before seeing the images participants ranked uneven teeth/smile to have the least impact on age; but after seeing the altered images this moved to the top of the list – with the smile even outranking lines and wrinkles as the number one factor that influences the perception of age.

Dr Luke Cronin from Quality Dental says he’s not surprised by these new findings, “A fresh, beautiful smile is, by nature of its appearance, is associated with health, youthfulness and vitality. It is common in my practice to see that patients who have undergone orthodontic treatments smile more.”

How Can I Achieve a Beautiful Smile?

So what are people doing to achieve their perfect smile? Dr. Luke Cronin sees patients of all ages who are looking for solutions that can offer straighter teeth. “Advancements in orthodontic technology means people can now get the straight smile they want without metal braces. Invisalign® uses a series of custom-made aligners that are virtually invisible and help to gradually straighten teeth. Best of all, they’re removable too, so you carry on eating and drinking all the things you love.”

*Research conducted by Ipsos Australia on behalf of Invisalign Australia in April, 2014. Sample size was 1001 women Australia wide aged 18-49. ^ Participants were asked how much older one image of the woman looked compared to another of the same woman with only the state of their teeth altered.

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