Wrinkle Relaxers

Strip Away the Years with Age-Defying Wrinkle Relaxers!

Quality Dental in Sydney offers this in-office cosmetic therapy that has revolutionised the world of cosmetic dermatology.

Nothing adds age to your face more tellingly than wrinkles. Showing up as crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows or wavy folds across the forehead, wrinkles are a common enemy for any person who wish to maintain their youthful appearance. In spite of best efforts to upkeep a beauty and skincare regime, you can never quite prevent wrinkles from developing. And they’re not exactly the easiest facial flaws to hide with make-up either!

This is precisely why anti-aging Wrinkle Relaxers have become such a hot trending cosmetic procedure. Indeed, the treatment has found a thriving clientele, mostly made up of professional women on the lookout for modern makeover secrets.

Wrinkle Relaxers provide a quick and painless way to diminish those nasty line formations. Quality Dental uses only medically approved products in our clinically safe environment to smoothen out those aging effects with fast, reliable and predictable results.

It may take just minutes for our professional Cosmetic Dentists to administer this relatively painless and non-surgical procedure, but the results are no less impressive than costly and time-consuming surgical enhancements. You will be impressed by the visibly stunning results – evident within days of the treatment!

Leading Australian Dental Establishment that are offer total cosmetic makeovers for both Your Smile and Face

We keep raising the bar to deliver higher standards of care and a wider range of treatment options.

The reputable cosmetic therapists at Quality Dental – including Dr Luke Cronin, one of Sydney’s best-known cosmetic dental practitioners – are no strangers to meeting the highest aesthetic demands of a sophisticated clientele. Our clients expect nothing less than personalised service and top-notch healthcare services from us. That is our commitment, whether you are receiving dental treatment or cosmetic therapy at Quality Dental.

Over the years, we have been integrating our unique insights into facial aesthetics and smile design, to service a diverse range of aesthetic needs. Our tireless commitment to excellence is what makes us one of Sydney’s premier cosmetic dental practices. We are also proud to be one of few emerging Australian dental establishments that are offering a total cosmetic makeover for both your smile and face. This is an exciting development for Quality Dental. We warmly invite you to take advantage of our extended service range and look forward to giving you a rejuvenated countenance!

What Does the Wrinkle Relaxer Procedure Involve?

The therapy involves injecting a micro-needle directly into or around the facial muscles. It works by blocking the release of the chemical substance that causes muscle contraction. This procedure uses the same medical treatment that has been used for the past 20 years to treat excessive sweating, migraines and involuntary muscle spasms.

The treatment may be repeated as often as desired with minimal discomfort and side effects yet it produces highly predictable results.

The procedure normally takes less than 10 minutes, consisting of a few injections around the same group of muscles. The number of injections vary for different types of wrinkles and treatment: 25 units for frown lines; 10-15 for each side of crow’s feet; and 10-15 units for forehead lines.

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