Dental QuestionsI’ve been having severe pain along my teeth/jaw/cheek, really can’t tell where it originates from right now. The pain as been coming and going for years, but always persists for further extended periods, becoming more excruciating and intolerable each time. My cheek seems swollen, eyes are dull, and ear are hurting from it now too. Oftentimes, my throat will hurt on top of all this. Swallowing makes my ear and cheek hurt more, as does brushing my teeth. I might have a low grade fever. Could this be my wisdom teeth coming in? I’ve tried rinsing my mouth out with a mix of warm water and hydrogen peroxide and warm salt water. I’ve also applied hot and cold packs to my affected cheek area. All these remedies were evidently helping alleviate some of the pain, initially, but do so no longer. Last night I tried placing a black tea bag in my mouth, where it hurts most, whilst sleeping, but this doesn’t seem to have helped. I took an aleve this morning and it hasn’t taken any edge off the pain either. Could this be my wisdom teeth trying to come in?

Dental QuestionSorry to here that you have been in so much pain. It is possible that the symptoms you describe are from wisdom teeth, however without seeing you I cannot offer a diagnosis. It is really important that if you have symptoms like the ones you are describing then you need to see your dentist as persistent pain and possibly infections is not good for you. If it has been going on for years I would recommend getting to a dentist ASAP.

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