With so many types of teeth whitening treatments available these days, which one should you go for? In a society where a lot of emphasis is placed on our appearance, it is no wonder that the quest for whiter teeth is becoming more common. Our teeth, and by extension our smiles, are among the most prominent facets of our physical appearance. People who are unhappy with the appearance of their stained or discoloured teeth can seek cosmetic dental treatments that can help them achieve whiter and healthier looking smiles. The question is, which treatment is the right one for your dental condition?

There are many treatments that claim to improve the appearance of your discoloured teeth, but in reality, not all live up to their hype. It pays to do your research, reading up on the various procedures and their purported benefits, before deciding on what will work best for you. In addition to available treatment options, you will also need to know the type of discolouration you have. If you’re not sure, visit a dentist who will be able to assess your specific condition, based on your dental and medical records, to provide you the best options to address your discolouration or staining issues.

Teeth Whitening – Three Main Categories

In some cases, teeth whitening can dramatically reduce the staining on your teeth. You would still have to choose the right whitening system from a plethora of products and techniques on the market. The three main categories are: Over-the-counter whitening products, professional take-home teeth whitening kits and in-chair whitening systems.

There are many differences between how these different procedures work, some more effectively than others. The main difference lies in the type of bleaching agent that is used. It is important to know that the procedures performed at the dental clinic usually trump the home-use whitening products when it comes to effectiveness. This is because only your cosmetic dentist is authorised to use whitening products that contain a higher percentage of the beaching agent. They are also trained to perform the procedure using specialised protective gear, materials and techniques to ensure that the bleaching agents are used appropriately in controlled amounts.

By comparison, the concentration of bleaching agents found in home whitening gels is significantly lower and not as effective. Although they may be cheaper, take-home whitening kits do not pack the same punch when it comes to the whitening results in-chair treatments offer. Results also differ from brand to brand, and are highly inconsistent. That said, the dentist-dispensed professional take-home kits are generally more effective compared to OTC products as they usually come with customised bleaching trays that conform to your individual teeth structure. Customised trays ensure an even spread of the whitening gel on your teeth over long periods without slipping off.

The Best Teeth Whitening Treatments

The best results, however, go to the in-chair LED light activated whitening treatments. These treatments, like the Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening system, not only use a high Hydrogen Peroxide bleaching content, the procedure makes use of a metal halide for LED light that intensifies the whitening process. In less than an hour, within a single appointment, Zoom patients can expect dramatic results with noticeable shade reductions. Whether in terms of efficacy or speed, the in-chair method beats having to wear a bleaching tray on multiple occasions – and in many cases, still not get the same whitening results that a in-chair whitening can achieve.

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