TMJ Syndrome Therapy

Do you clench and grind your teeth at night? Do you need a solution for your jaw aches and pains? Do you experience chronic neck and back pain as a result of the TMJ syndrome? Quality Dental in North Sydney offers you a painless and surgery-free option to cure TMJ pains and bruxism. For more information, call our friendly staff at (02) 9922 1159 today!

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) refers to the ball-and-socket joint that connects the jaw to the skull. The TMJ syndrome occurs when the cartilage – which serves as a buffer between the connecting bones – becomes worn out or damaged.

TMJ Causes

Misaligned teeth, stress, anxiety and certain medications like antidepressant drugs are known to exacerbate the causes of TMJ syndrome – Bruxism being one of the leading causes. Bruxism refers to parafunctional or abnormal habits like unconscious teeth clenching and grinding that exert excessive stress on the joint and wear out the cartilage. The symptoms of TMJ syndrome are varied in type and level of discomfort: Headaches; ringing in the ears; ‘popping’ and ‘clicking’ sounds when opening/closing mouth; neck or back pain; facial and muscle pain etc.

The TMJ syndrome can be treated with a host of solutions – from dental devices to protect the bruxists’ teeth from damage at night to physical therapy like jaw movement exercises – with surgery usually offered as an option of last resort. While TMJ surgery is largely considered for advanced cases of the disorder, the other treatments do not relieve the pain and soreness associated with severe bruxism.

TMJ Syndrome

Are You Wearing out Your Jaws Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep?

Quality Dental in North Sydney offers a simple and painless solution to stop teeth grinding and clenching.

One of the most successful therapies in treating TMJ syndrome lies in the use of injectable medication that relaxes the masseter muscle – the large muscle that moves the jaw. This highly conservative and effective treatment works extremely well to weaken the tensed-up muscle in order to stop the grinding and clenching. Depending on the individual, treatment normally involves 5 or 6 relatively painless injections into the masseter muscle, which takes about a few minutes (per side) to administer.

Injectable Therapy for TMJ

This injectable therapy for TMJ syndrome is also commonly used to treat problems of muscle spasticity such as strabismus (crossed eye syndrome) and blepharospasm (eyelid spasm). The injectable medication can loosen up lockjaw and reduce headaches and pain associated with TMJ. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is both medically safe and reliable, with extremely low probability of side effects or allergies.

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