Virtually invisible in your mouth, Invisalign is one of the most popular teeth-straightening systems on the market and is perfectly suited to the needs of the majority of adolescents and adults. The success of your treatment outcome is dependent on the skill of your dentist or orthodontist, but we have a number of useful tips to increase the chances of the procedure being long-lasting and effective.

Keep Teeth and Braces Clean

Always keep your aligners and teeth in tip-top condition, by making an extra effort with your oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth twice daily and consider purchasing an electric toothbrush for best results. Focus on cleaning each individual tooth, particularly in areas where there is contact between your teeth and the aligners. Use dental floss to clean between each tooth and remove food trapped in nooks and crannies, which will help to prevent infection.

The braces themselves should be rinsed in warm water and gently brushed. We also recommend that you use Invisalign’s proprietary cleaning system if possible. The aligners will then have the best chance of looking their best and remaining in optimum condition throughout the entire course of treatment. Please avoid using hot water, as high temperatures can cause irreparable damage to your aligners.

Keep Your Aligner Cleaning Kit Handy

We recommend you keep all your dental cleaning equipment in a convenient bag and remember to take it with you when you go away. This is particularly important if you have a job that involves lots of travel, are going on holiday or live a transient lifestyle. Always remember to clean your teeth after meals and your aligners at night.

Keep Your Aligners On

It’s often tempting to remove your aligners, perhaps during certain social situations, but for optimum results it is recommended that you wear them for a minimum of 22 hours per day. This will keep you track to complete your treatment on time, which is especially important if you are undertaking Invisalign prior to a big event such as your wedding.  Conversely, failure to wear them for extended periods of time may be counterproductive and extend your treatment time.

Post-Treatment Retainers

In some cases, following Invisalign treatment, retainers need to be worn overnight, in order to maintain the position of your corrected teeth. This will decided by the dentist on a case-to-case basis and be discussed during your post-treatment consultation.

Teeth-Sraightening Takes Time

Although Invisalign provides a welcome alternative to traditional metal braces in terms of comfort and aesthetics, it will not happen overnight. Typical treatment takes between 9 and 18 months. But, if you have realistic expectations, Invisalign has the potential to exceed them.

By following the above tips and choosing an experienced and proficient dentist, who is an experienced Invisalign provider  you will soon be able to flash a beautiful, straight smile.

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