In this article we will address foods that are bad for your teeth – the ones that you may not be aware of. Decay in teeth is a complex process, however in its simplest form, only requires four things to make it happen: bacteria, sugar, a tooth and time. We can interrupt this cycle by removing the bacteria with a toothbrush and floss, and reducing our bodies intake of sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a sneaky one! It is really lollies dressed up as health food. We all know fruit is good for you, and it is, in its natural form, even though it is already reasonably loaded with sugar. By drying out the food all of the water is removed to concentrate the sugar. This creates something sticky that loves to get caught between your teeth is a recipe for decay. Eating them as a “healthy snack” is not much better than having lolly snakes!

Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max…You Get the Drift

Diet cola was invented in response to the general population realising that sugar is bad for your teeth, with the added bonus of contributing to obesity and type II diabetes as well as a host of other illnesses. In response to this large soft drink companies released cola without sugar. The only problem is they didn’t remove the acid. The acid in cola is the same acid, phosphoric acid, that dentists use in a controlled way to dissolve the enamel on teeth to assist with bonding fillings. This same acid found in diet cola and cola also dissolves your teeth. If you do drink diet cola/cola, do not brush your teeth afterwards thinking you are doing the right thing. After drinking diet cola/cola your tooth’s enamel will have microscopic holes where the acid has dissolved parts of it making the remaining tooth more brittle. Best course of action is to thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water after drinking any cola soft drink.

Plain Biscuits

You could be mistaken for thinking plain savoury biscuits, such as Premiums or Salada, are ok for your teeth, but these biscuits are packed with simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are the favourite food for the decay causing bacteria. Once these biscuits are chewed they become sticky and glue-like, and then get caught in all of the nooks and crannies around your teeth, for bacteria to feast on later.

When thinking of food and drinks that are good for your teeth, steer clear of products high in sugars and simple carbohydrates. These products are transformed by bacteria into acids that eat away the enamel on your teeth, this process is accelerated when you consume foods high in acid at the same time. A good healthy snack could be a piece of fruit or a piece of cheese. Just remember everything in moderation and keep the floss and toothbrush handy!

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