A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap or cover that is placed on top of a ‘repaired’ tooth to restore it to its original shape, size, strength, colour, appearance and function. A crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with fillings or other types of restorations. Dental crowns can be made on-site in the dental practice or externally in a dental laboratory. Depending on where the crown is made the patient may wait for the permanent crown to be completed, and a temporary crown may be worn in its place.

What is a Dental Crown Made of?

When the tooth decay or damage is large and extensive, a fully covering porcelain crown or a gold crown can restore the tooth to its original shape and function. A dental crown can be made from different types of materials such as metals (mostly stainless steel or gold), resin, porcelain, ceramic or a combination of some of the above materials. The main advantage of Ceramic or Porcelain Restorations over metal, however, is that they provide a more natural look as they can mimic the natural color of the teeth.

What is a Dental Crown for?

With proper care and routine dental checks, a permanent dental crown will last for many years, giving the patient a natural looking long-lasting smile. A dental crown may be recommended for the following: restoration of broken or fractured teeth; cosmetic enhancements; repairing decayed teeth; repairing fractured fillings; and even replacing large and defective fillings.

If you have damaged teeth, dental crowns are a great option for treatment. While other cosmetic dental procedures also restore the appearance of damaged teeth, such as veneers, crowns are more appropriate for patients suffering from severe structural damage of the teeth.

See a Qualified and Reputable Cosmetic Dentist

Although dental crown treatment has become widely available at most dental clinics it pays to find a cosmetic dentist who is experienced to increase the rate of success for the placement of your permanent crown. More than improve your teeth’s appearance, a properly fabricated and placed crown will also restore the natural function of your teeth.