To ensure we provide you with outstanding dental care, the Quality Dental team follow strict infection control measures. We believe that you, the patient, should not have to worry about being exposed to harmful bacteria while receiving dental treatment. This compliance with regulated infection control requirements mean that high-quality and safe patient care is paramount at every stage of your treatment at our practice in the North Sydney CBD.

Inadequate safety precautions mean that patients can face the risk of being exposed to diseases. Because many dental procedures involve contact with blood and saliva, it is especially important that dentists and dental assistants are vigilant about infection prevention.

When choosing a dentist in Sydney, what can you do to make sure he or she is taking infection control procedures seriously? Here are three questions you can ask.

1.Do you change your gloves for every patient?

Only three decades ago, less than 30 percent of dentists wore gloves, masks or gowns. These days these infection-control tools are standard practice in all dental offices. Between patients, your dentist and dental assistants must throw away used gloves, wash their hands and put on a new set of gloves before treating the next patient.

2. Do you sterilise all your instruments between patients?

When you sit down into a dental chair to receive treatment, your dentist should be opening a sealed bag of instruments. This means the instruments have been sterilised after the last patient and are ready for use. Handpieces, such as drills, must be sterilised between patients to prevent diseases from passing from one patient to another. This is typically done by placing the instruments into an autoclave, which uses steam under pressure, a dry-heat oven or chemical vapor (commonly called a chemiclave).

3. How do you disinfect surfaces in the treatment room?

To prevent infection, your dental staff should either disinfect or cover all surfaces in the treatment room that may come into contact with you or them. This eliminates the possibility that germs are transferred from a contaminated surface to you, the patient. Your dental staff can either disinfect all surfaces in between patients or, to minimise your waiting time, cover all surfaces with protective film and change this film after each patient.

At Quality Dental, we carefully follow all relevant requirements for infection prevention and control. In our safe and attentive care, you can sit back and focus on achieving the best smile you have ever had. To make an appointment with Dr Luke Cronin, call us at (02) 9922 1159.

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