It’s post-Australia Day in North Sydney, work has summoned you back to the daily grind, and life is returning to its less festive self. Going back to reality may feel tough at first, but it’s even harder if all the food and drink over the holidays left you with an unpleasant odour on your breath.

Have a think: Are coworkers suddenly remembering urgent errands when they see you approach for a conversation? Are your mates inhaling deeply right before they lean closer to you? Does the barista at your favourite North Sydney coffee shop seem to be praying you won’t engage her in a chat?

If any of your answers was yes, it’s time to face the unpleasant truth: You may be among the 20-25 percent of Australians who suffer from bad breath, or halitosis.

Bad Breath Causes

As I’ve described before, bad breath is caused by certain foods, smoking, poor dental hygiene, bad gastrointestinal health, dry mouth, mouth infections and certain medications. All of the above increase smell-causing bacteria between your teeth, around the gums and on the tongue.

As a North Sydney dentist, I always tell my patients that a crucial step in beating the bacteria that are sabotaging their social lives is to improve their oral hygiene. I’m not just talking about squeezing a larger dollop of toothpaste on your toothbrush every night, but rather, giving your mouth a thorough, floor-to-ceiling, no-crack-or-crevice-left-undusted sort of a cleanup.

As with any proper cleaning operation, you need to invest in the right gear. BreathRx is a product line designed to brush, scrape and rinse away the odour-causing bacteria. It includes a toothpaste, tongue spray, tongue scraper, mouth rinse, breath spray, mints, dental floss and gumballs, all of which are sold in kits and individually.

BreathRx Put to the Test

Can BreathRx fix Bad Breath

I put the BreathRx Fresh Breath Collection, which contains all of the products except the floss and gumballs, to test to see if it could blast away even the post-holiday smelly breath. To find out if this product line is worth your money, I put away my North Sydney dentist hat and put myself in the shoes of a typical end user, and here’s what I found:

The treatment regime starts with the basics: I brush my teeth with a mint-flavoured gel toothpaste, which tastes pleasant, foams nicely and leaves a fresh feel in the mouth. It’s nice but feels more garden variety than revolutionary.

The next step involves a tongue spray, followed by a good raking with a thin, plastic tongue scraper. This helps tease out the bacteria from the nooks and crannies of the tongue and clear it away to greener breeding grounds.

Tongue Scraping

For those unaccustomed to tongue scraping, the act of moving the plastic scraper over the tongue may be a little sickening. In fact, as a North Sydney cosmetic dentist, I come across many people who have never used a tongue scraper.

However, scraping effectively clears away the white film that serves as home to halitosis-causing bacteria, and leaves a pink, healthier looking tongue behind. The BreathRx scraper and spray make the job as easy as it can be.

The third step is all about rinsing away the last lingering odour-causing critters. This is done with a mouth rinse, which is swished around the teeth, gums and tongue for 30 seconds. The aquamarine blue rinse looks like an industrial-strength cleaning solution, and leaves an impressively crisp, ice-cool feel in the mouth.

The cleaning regime is supported by a breath spray and mints that prevent bad breath from forming throughout the day. The spray is administered in 2-3 quick squirts to the back of the mouth and tongue. The mints melt in the mouth and provide an inconspicuous way to refresh your breath. Both of them offer instant relief for that unpleasant post-meal or post-coffee odour in the mouth.

BreathRx – The Verdict

So what’s this North Sydney dentist’s overall verdict on the BreathRx line?

I’d say that those looking for a surefire way to beat bad breath could do a lot worse than choosing these products. They’re alcohol and sugar-free, and most of all, they’re effective in blasting away the stench.

After completing the cleaning regime, my mouth felt like a spring-cleaned house with a cool breeze blowing through all the open windows. That’s pretty much as fresh (and poetic) as it gets.

Just remember that if your bad breath persists even after using specialised products like BreathRx, have a talk with a dentist to figure out what may be causing the problem and how best to treat it.

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