Porcelain Crowns Enhance & Protect Your Damaged Teeth

The porcelain crown has come to be regarded as a highly versatile and popular option in the world of restorative dentistry. Whether your tooth needs repairing due to aesthetic, functional or protective reasons, porcelain crowns can always be depended on to deliver. Dental crowns are basically customised caps or artificial tooth coverings used to preserve the functionality of a damaged tooth – or replace an existing crown. They are normally recommended for patients whose teeth may lack the structural integrity and require protection for long-term fillings or inlays.

Dental crowns are grouped according to the materials used to fabricate them, whether they are made from porcelain, metal-ceramic or gold alloy. Depending on the particular application – and various requirements like resistance, aesthetics and endurance – each category of dental crown will possess certain advantages over others. Porcelain crowns have proven advantages in the areas of aesthetics and restorative function. Let’s look at some of them.

In the area of aesthetics, porcelain crowns are widely used to restore discoloured or cracked tooth due to their natural tooth-like appearance. Since most modern restorations try to mimic the appearance of natural teeth as closely as possible, porcelain crowns are being prized for their ability to blend in seamlessly with the rest of our natural teeth. Tooth-coloured porcelain crowns can be fabricated to match the exact shade of your existing pearlies thus making them ideal for posterior teeth (front teeth). Porcelain crowns also possess a translucent quality that is indistinguishable from teeth enamel and even reflects light in much the same way. It is that “glint” factor that most people associate with bright and shiny teeth, that makes porcelain crowns so desirable to patients.

More than just cosmetic benefits, porcelain crowns are designed to restore functionality to our teeth as a long-term solution for otherwise unprotected damaged tooth. When our tooth has been damaged by an injury or simply worn out, some porcelain crowns are built to provide extra strength and durability. The Porcelain-Fused Metal (PFM) crowns combine the natural tooth-like appearance with an underlying metal frame for optimum strength and architectural support. If properly looked after, a porcelain crown restoration can last in excess of 10 years.

Although there are other restorative methods that improve your teeth appearance or protect your damaged teeth, few combine the attributes of cosmetic appeal and functionality the way porcelain crowns have. Porcelain crowns have also been noted to succeed in areas where other solutions may not have worked.

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