Get Professional Teeth Whitening Results in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and least invasive methods to achieve a bright and beautiful smile. With our professionally dispensed teeth whitening kits, now you can whiten your teeth at your own convenience – and still achieve amazing whitening results!

At Quality Dental, we recommend faster and more effective results with the Philips Zoom Take Home Teeth Whitening kit Day White ACP 14% H202.

The Day White ACP is a professional grade tooth whitening gel of 14% hydrogen peroxide – considered one of the highest strength tooth whitening gel available on the market.

• Rebuild your enamel
• Reduce tooth sensitivity
• Increase lustre to your pearly whites
• High strength peroxide gel for optimum whiteness

Philips Zoom Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit

The Philips Zoom Take Home Teeth Whitening kit

If you lead a busy lifestyle and can’t afford lengthy treatments, this tooth whitening kit makes an excellent choice for you! The Zoom! Day White formula is typically applied and worn for 15-30 minutes twice during the day. Its ACP formulation has been clinically proven to reduce tooth sensitivity by 30%, rebuild your enamel while restoring your teeth’s glossy surface – though remineralisation and fadeback reduction.

Easily one of the world’s most reputable whitening gels, the new ACP Formula from Philips naturally bonds with the tooth surface to fill microscopic defects while improving overall lustre and smoothness.

Add $99 for three syringe top-up!

The kit also boasts an innovative dual-barrel syringe that keeps the ingredients separate until they blend at the tip during application. This patented technology allows the ingredients to retain their maximum strength for much longer, to reduce wastage and increase effectiveness.

See visible whitening results in just days using the Philips Zoom Take-Home Whitening Day White ACP 14%

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