Dental QuestionsI had my lower wisdom teeth out last Tuesday (well as near out as they could do as they were pointing inwards and he had to leave a bit of both in). I got an infection after 2 days and was given antibiotics. I have 1 day left of these and am concerned as the tooth above the extraction is really giving me pain, the gum around it feels slightly inflamed but the tooth hurts a little to touch. Is this normal? I have had a lot of dentist appointments recently due to a crown and root canal which has taken 5 appointments (and strangely still hurts?!) I have got gum disease but I look after teeth quite well and they don’t bleed just feel v irritated sometimes. All these dentist trips are getting me down and just want to know if it’s normal for other teeth to hurt after an extraction and why a crown with a root canal could still feel sensitive?
Thanks a lot!

Dental QuestionI have no doubt that you have had enough of going to the dentist, sounds like you have been busy there lately. Without having a look myself, I am guessing, but when you have teeth the pain from the infection may feel like it is referring pain from the top even if it is coming from the lower teeth. If it is staying the same or getting better I would suggest waiting for the wisdom teeth to heal first and then it is still a problem see the dentist again. Did you have a full examination and x-rays at the start to assess the whole mouth for problem? If not there could be many more things wrong. It is worthwhile getting an overall game plan from the get go rather than treat things as they hurt.

Regarding the sensitive root canal treated tooth with the crown. These teeth can take a while to settle down. I would suggest persevering and give everything some time to heal is the first instance.

Dental QuestionsThank you very much for your prompt and detailed reply. I have had several x-rays on my mouth but in truth in localized areas such as the wisdom teeth and also the tooth that had the crown. The crowned tooth as well as being sensitive is generally worse when exposed to heat. I was told I have gum disease like I say and the front two bottom teeth especially always feel irritated when I floss so I guess sone of the issues I’m having May be more gum related and I think my main concern is the tooth above crowned tooth hurts when it hits the crowned tooth (sometimes not always) and that was also x-rayed but he couldn’t see an issue so assumes it may be infected internally which I guess means another crown :/

Dental QuestionsHi Dr Cronin please may I ask you one further question?

I have on your advice been back to my dentist as the crowned tooth was still feeling sensitive if tapped. He looked at my tooth and three teeth above and said it was gum disease which is something I have had for years but has not really got worse. He deep cleaned a few of the teeth and this was a week ago now. Since this was done brushing that tooth is very painful it feels like I’m brushing open nerves but I thought having the root canal would have prevented this. I don’t want to keep going back needlessly, is this diagnosis likely? Tooth still hurts to be tapped so I’m wondering if he is trying to avoid addressing issue of either not properly treated tooth or poorly fitting crown?

Dental QuestionAnother course of antibiotics may help and possibly a second opinion.

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