Non-invasive Gummy Smile Correction

Is having a gummy smile making you uncomfortable in social situations? Is it causing you to restrain your smile so that you come across less friendly than you really are?

If you are not smiling as often as you should – for fear of showing too much gum – Quality Dental in North Sydney offers a non-invasive and highly predictable Gummy Smile Correction treatment that will give you a beautiful and confident smile in no time! For more info on the treatment, call our friendly staff at (02) 9922 1159 today!

If you are not totally satisfied with your smile because it is over-exposing your gums, you may have what is commonly referred to as a gummy smile. There are many reasons for this: Teeth too short in proportion to gum visibility; over-protruding upper jaw bone causing the gums to show; over-active facial muscles; or a combination of these factors.

Since the causes and extent of a gummy smile is different from person to person, treating it may involve the work of a plastic surgeon, dentist, oral surgeon, or a combination of their varied expertise. The most invasive type of treatment involves shortening the jawbone through surgery to reduce gum visibility. Not only is this considered rather extensive for a cosmetic treatment, it also requires long healing periods, making it prohibitive to many who cannot afford the time.

Correct Your Gummy Smile

The Fast and Painless Way to Correct Your Gummy Smile!

Thankfully, people with gummy smiles can now turn to a non-invasive therapy that takes only minutes to deliver fast and reliable results. Using only medically approved products, Quality Dental offers this unique injectable treatment in a safe clinical environment.

This treatment is designed to relax specific smile muscles of your face so that they do not raise your lips beyond a certain point, as an ingenious method of hiding your gums and giving you a healthy teeth-to-gum proportion. The general rule for an acceptable smile line is a maximum exposure of 1 to 2 millimetres of visible gum tissue.

The injectable treatment for Gummy Smile correction is not only fast and effective, it can be performed with minimal discomfort at the dentist’s office. To achieve a natural and pleasing smile, you can rely on the expertise of Quality Dental’s highly experienced Cosmetic Dentists – all of whom are well versed in the fields of smile design and facial aesthetics. Our cosmetic team has years of clinical experience – delivering quality smile makeovers to numerous patients – to ensure optimum results for this non-surgical procedure.

At Quality Dental, Your Smile and Facial Beauty is in Good Hands

There are many treatment options that will claim results but not all of them will work for you. At Quality Dental, we believe that every person is unique and so is your smile and facial aesthetics. Combining our well-honed clinical skills with a keen eye for artistic detail, we consider all the complementary elements that make up an attractive visage. Every treatment we offer is tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence has made us one of Sydney’s premier cosmetic dental practices. In keeping with our commitment to better our service quality and range, Quality Dental is one of few emerging Australian dental establishments to offer a total cosmetic makeover for both your smile and face. As we continue to bring you the latest non-invasive treatments that are revolutionizing the global concept of Health and Beauty, we invite you to take advantage of our extended service range – and let us change the way you look and feel!

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