In response to demand from the local business community, North Sydney-based Quality Dental today announced a partnership program that makes the highest-quality dental care available to staff at local corporations and businesses.

The program offers North Sydney businesses a way to ensure their employees and families have affordable access to cutting-edge dental services and emergency dental care. Businesses can join the program at no cost and face no administrative burden, as the friendly team at Quality Dental will handle all management of the partnership.

“We are excited to provide North Sydney businesses a program that makes unrivalled dental care attainable for their staff”, said Dr Luke Cronin, Owner and Principal Dentist at Quality Dental. “Expert assessment, monitoring and timely treatment of your staff’s oral health can lead to healthier, happier and more confident employees.”

Quality Dental’s New Partnership Program

Through its new corporate partnership program, Quality Dental outshines other corporate dental plans by offering:

1. Free first examination and X-rays
2. Ongoing 20% discount on all fees for all staff and their families
3. Guaranteed same-day appointments for dental emergencies
4. 24-hour emergency contact details for the dentist
5. Priority access to lunchtime, before and after work appointments
6. Lifetime membership regardless of ongoing employment

And an Introductory Welcome Pack

With a free initial visit, this program is tailored to ensure a smooth transition from any existing dental care staff members may have. The free first examination also enables employees at participating businesses to assess for themselves the unrivalled customer care that Quality Dental provides.

In addition to significantly reduced rates, the program offers staff access to timely emergency dental treatment. Emergency dental care is critical to reducing the number of sick days taken by employees and preventing loss in their productivity.

“This partnership will have great benefits to businesses and corporations in North Sydney because they can now provide their staff access to personalised, sophisticated dental care. This simple and affordable program minimises the time employees lose because of dental discomfort or pain”, said Dr Cronin.

About Quality Dental

Based in peaceful, elegant premises in the North Sydney CBD, Quality Dental is a dynamic, boutique dental practice that combines unrivalled customer care with cutting-edge dentistry techniques. Dr Luke Cronin and his friendly team provide tailored advice to ensure you are empowered to choose the optimal treatment plan for your individual needs. Quality Dental offers general dentistry services, emergency dental care and a complete suite of modern cosmetic dental procedures including veneers, implants, crowns and teeth whitening guaranteed to transform your smile – and your confidence.

Contact: Maria Flanagan, Business Development Manager
Quality Dental
Ground Floor Sophos House
3/1 Elizabeth Plaza

North Sydney NSW 2060
(02) 9922 1159

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