If you are experiencing pain or bleeding, or have damaged a tooth, you may be in need of emergency dental care. The best thing to do in this situation is to immediately call on a local dental clinic that offers emergency hours. The last thing you want is to be put on a waiting list or book an appointment for a later date.

Granted that oral pain differs from one situation to the next, the rule of thumb is not to delay as it can be very difficult to self-assess whether or not the problem can wait until the next day, or when normal practice hours resume. Also, it cannot be overstated the importance of seeing a professional during such emergencies. This can have a direct impact on the long-term wellbeing of your oral health, so it’s definitely advisable to know a few things before committing to just any one clinic.

First of all, you need to know if the practice you are visiting offers the service that you require. For example, if you’ve recently had oral surgery and the bleeding or swelling is related its more likely to be an emergency situation. You can either call the dentist who performed the surgery or locate local emergency dental services.

When Only an Experienced Emergency Service Dentist Will Do

Always ask to see a professional during a dental emergency who can efficiently diagnose the problem and take immediate steps to relief the pain or bleeding.  In moments of emergency, you can’t afford any mistakes, or the harm may be irreparable.

Professionalism is not restricted to just skills and experience. A trained emergency dentist should also display empathy for a patient, as he or she would have seen enough patients in such situations to understand their needs hence appropriate necessary care to assuage the patient’s physical pain and emotional fears. It is often overlooked the importance of a calm and friendly dentist when one is undergoing an emergency treatment. A professional dentist with experience and background in handling dental emergencies can turn an otherwise nerve-wrecking experience for the patient, into one that is well managed and even pleasant.

As the name suggests, emergency dental care cannot wait. The sad fact is that too many patients start scrambling for a dentist only when the pain erupts. Sometimes being prepared means making sure that your regular dental clinic provides emergency hour services. It can make a huge difference when you least expect it.

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