Loose Baby ToothDr Luke, is it normal for a molar that is loose to cause considerable pain?
We have a dentist appointment on Friday but just wanted to check as it has been waking my son up for the last few nights. Thanks.

Loose Back ToothThe last deciduous molars can cause considerable pain once they become loose. If it doesn’t look like you or your son will be able to wobble them out and it is keeping him awake at night it may be simplier to get the dentist to take the tooth out when you see him on Friday. In the meantime Panadol before bed will help for a few hours at least. In rare cases the gum under the loose tooth can become infected and antibiotics are required, however if there is an infection it will go aware quickly once the tooth is removed. I hope that helps and I am sorry your son is having trouble with his tooth.

Kind regards, Dr Luke Cronin