The holidays are almost upon us, and as a North Sydney cosmetic dentist I know the strain that the silly season can put on your teeth.

Let me offer my top tips on how to maintain your best smile throughout the many festivities that Sydney has to offer this time of year.

Your Smile

1. Keep Your Smile by Eat Proper Meals

Food is a huge part of the holiday season in Sydney, but snacking all day can put your teeth under a constant acid attack.

As most cosmetic dentists will advice you, try to stick to three balanced meals a day instead of having 7-10 snacks over the course of the day. Eating three times a day means the enamel in your teeth is under less stress, which in turn decreases the chances of dental damage that needs to be repaired by cosmetic dentistry.

2. Protect Your Smile with with Tooth-Friendly Foods

Some foods are better than others when it comes to keeping your smile white, bright and beautiful. Whether you’re celebrating at home or barbecuing at Sydney’s gorgeous parks or beaches, make sure you load your plate with some of these tooth-friendly foods:

Cheese is not only rich in calcium, it also balances out the pH in your mouth and helps kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Nuts are a healthy alternative to chips. Peanuts contain calcium and vitamin D, both vital for oral health. Walnuts, which are often found in puddings and cakes, offer zinc fibre, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, vitamins E and B6, potassium and zinc, all of which help to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Turkey contains phosphorous, which combined with calcium and vitamin D builds your teeth and bones and protects your teeth from decay.

Veggies are great for your oral health as they contain various vitamins that help strengthen the tooth enamel. When eaten raw, they also massage your gums and clean your teeth.

3. Choose Your Drinks with Your Smile in Mind

The silly season in Sydney involves celebratory drinks, no question about it. Here’s this North Sydney cosmetic dentist’s advice on which drinks to go for and which ones to avoid.

The good:

Water, lots of it. Staying hydrated helps balance the pH in your mouth, and swishing fresh water around in your mouth after a meal helps wash away some of the bacteria attacking your teeth.

Green tea is shown to help prevent plaque and dental decay, plus it can help reduce bad breath—good to keep in the midst of all those holiday get-togethers.

The bad:

Fizzy drinks like sodas are sugar bombs that wreak havoc on your tooth enamel. Stay clear of them as much as you can, opt for bubbly mineral water instead and, if you can’t resist their call, use a straw to minimise contact between your teeth and the sugar in the drink.

White wine is a lovely, crisp accompaniment for prawns and other silly season favourites but it can also be very acidic. It’s better to have a glass or two over a meal than sip wine throughout the day as this puts your teeth under a continuous acid attack.

Red wine is another great festive favourite but it can stain your teeth. Try to remember to brush your teeth at least 30-60 minutes after drinking red wine to avoid the kind of staining that can only be repaired by cosmetic dentistry.

4. Ask Santa for an Electric Toothbrush

In my North Sydney dental practice, I often recommend that patients switch from a manual toothbrush to a good quality electric toothbrush to get the cleanest possible result for their teeth.

My review of the Colgate ProClinical A 1500 electric toothbrush will give an idea of what qualities to look for.

5. Rest, Relax and Have Fun – But Don’t Forget Your Oral Hygiene

With all the food, drink and merriment that Sydney tempts you with during the holiday season, it’s easy to get a little lazy about dental care. However, brushing and flossing your teeth at the end of the day are vital in ensuring that sugar and bacteria are removed from your teeth and gums.

Keep up your good oral hygiene habits and you’ll be rewarded with a smile that’s just as sparkly at the end of the silly season as leading up to it.

And if you stray from your dental care routine, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to discuss all the options available—like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers—for restoring your smile. Call Quality Dental’s friendly staff at 1300 305 091 to make an appointment.

Cheers! Hope you are having a great break!

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