Are there differences between take-home teeth whitening kits and professional treatments? Although there isn’t a standard answer for choosing either, the differences can still be rather significant.

This is perhaps an ongoing debate as there are certainly merits and demerits to both methods, depending on your individual preferences, wants and budget.

While professional whitening at a dental practice is increasingly popular, it must also be acknowledged that the quality of home whitening products has improved. Home whitening products with trays and gels provide a viable option for effective and healthy whitening treatments. On the other hand, professional systems like the Zoom In-Chair Whitening system are considered more effective and safe. The Zoom In-Chair Whitening system can achieve significant whitening results – up to 8 shades lighter than your natural tooth colour – in just one hour.

Nevertheless, we have provided some pointers for you to look out for when comparing between home and professional whitening systems. Take a look.


When it comes to safety considerations, then obviously, having any sort of medical treatment performed by a professional is the safest bet. Professional teeth whitening is administered by or under supervision of your dentist. This goes a long way towards making patients feel secure about the administration and outcome of the treatment.

Furthermore, safety measures like protective goggles, gels and lip retractors are utilized during  an in-chair procedure. These are important as they help to minimize exposure between your gums and soft tissue areas and the bleaching gel. The professional Zoom LED method, for example, also benefits those with sensitive teeth.

Having a professional teeth whitening treatment administered by a qualified cosmetic dentist is considered the safest option.

Professional teeth whitening is administered by your dentist, which goes a long way towards making you feel safe and secure about the treatment.


The professional laser whitening method (such as Zoom) offers speedier results, provided that you are willing to invest in this modern and technologically advanced dental treatment.

That’s because professional whitening utilizes a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent that makes the treatment more potent. The chemical reactions occur faster and with better results. Zoom In-Chair Whitening use of a high intensity LED light source that helps to activate the gel and catalyse the whitening process. By comparison, the Zoom take-home treatment involves wearing the whitening tray for 15-20 minutes twice daily until you reach your desired shade of white. The Zoom In-Chair treatment is complete in one hour with noticeable results.

Professional laser whitening method (such as Zoom) offers speedier results.

Professional laser whitening methods offer speedier results, provided that you are willing to invest in the modern and technologically advanced dental treatment.


The results of the various whitening systems are reflected in their cost. In-Chair whitening is typically priced between $600 – $900 per whitening session. Home bleaching kits are more modestly priced between $50 – $500. Of course, it all depends on the type (intrinsic or extrinsic) and severity of your discolouration.

If you are not sure, consult a dentist about your particular situation. This is very important as some home kits may not work as well as the professional laser method on certain types of stains. Of course, the pricing consideration must be duly factored in before you make that decision.


Professional whitening methods have been known to deliver up to 8 shades in one hour. As far as quick results and long lasting whiteness are concerned, the professional methods have more going for it.

Then again, you can certainly save some money with take-home whitening kits. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for. When in doubt, always talk to a cosmetic dentist. They are in the best position to determine your needs based on your particular type of discolouration and find a suitable solution.

More often that not, when it comes to teeth whitening, you get what you pay for.

The verdict when it comes to teeth whitening is basically: you get what you pay for!

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