Gum Health

At Quality Dental we take a holistic approach to you dental health, this means we pay particular attention to the health of your gums as well as your teeth. Bleeding gums can be a precursor to heart disease and can result in tooth loss. Regular six-monthly maintenance visits will help to prevent gum disease and can improve cardiovascular health.

Gum disease describes a range of conditions that affect the supporting tissues for the teeth. The supporting tissues comprise both the surface tissues that can be seen in the mouth and also the deeper tissues of the bone, root surface and the ligament that connects the teeth to the bone.

In the vast majority of cases the progression of gum disease can be arrested with appropriate care. Management of gum disease becomes more difficult and less predictable the more advanced the disease. Therefore, the sooner periodontitis is diagnosed and treated the better. Regular dental examinations are important to check for the presence of gum disease.

The cause of gum disease is bacteria. To manage it, the bacteria must be reduced to a level the body’s defense mechanisms can handle. Treatment classically involves:

  • achieving the best possible home care;
  • professional cleaning of the teeth above and below the gum line (into the pockets) to remove the plaque and hard deposits (calculus / tartar);
  • regular reviews; and
  • trying to remove risk factors such as smoking;

Gum disease causes permanent damage to the supporting tissues; therefore the aim of treatment is to stop the progression of the disease through controlling the bacteria. This is an ongoing, lifelong activity.

Prevention is best. To a large extent periodontitis can be prevented by good oral hygiene and early intervention when problems are identified.

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