Tooth Mousse

‘GC Tooth Mousse’ is a revolutionary Australian oral health product developed by a team of dentists and scientists at the University of Melbourne to combat tooth decay and sensitivity. Tooth Mousse contains calcium and phosphate derived from milk protein (casein) and it works by re-mineralising the enamel surface of the tooth, preventing and reversing surface damage. Tooth Mousse is recommended for tooth erosion, early decay, fluorosis, lesions due to orthodontics and tooth sensitivity.

Easy to Use

Applying Tooth Mousse is as simple as squeezing a small amount onto your clean fingertip (about the size of a five cent piece) and rubbing the mousse (a similar consistency to toothpaste) over the surfaces of your teeth twice daily. Leave the mousse on your teeth for three minutes and there is no need to rinse. The taste is surprisingly pleasant and if I had to pick a favourite I would choose strawberry. However if strawberry isn’t your thing, GC Tooth Mousse also comes in Tutti Frutti, Mint, Vanilla and Melon flavours.

By regularly using GC Tooth Mousse the tooth’s enamel is strengthened, which protects against erosion and decay. Applied after a fluoride treatment Tooth Mousse will also enhance fluoride penetration to further protect teeth. In treating my patients I have found that if tooth decay is detected early enough, regular use of GC Tooth Mousse over an extended period can reverse the decay and prevent the need for a filling.

Tooth Mousse for Sensitive Teeth

Tooth Mousse is an effective product for people who suffer from sensitivity when consuming hot or cold beverages or foods. By re-mineralising the enamel surface of the tooth, the mousse acts by binding proteins and essentially fills in small holes (dentine tubules) in the tooth’s enamel. This process has a rapid desensitizing effect and strengthens the protective layer of the tooth. Tooth Mousse is recommended for people who suffer from reflux and as a result have sensitive teeth.

Tooth Mousse can be used prior to whitening to prevent sensitivity, as well as post-bleaching for the same reason. This wonder product will also help keep your teeth white for longer by building your teeth’s resistance to staining. Anecdotal reports have indicated that with regular use Tooth Mousse can slowly whiten unbleached teeth. I am yet to monitor a patient’s teeth for this outcome and I would recommend teeth whitening if this is your primary objective.

Tooth Mousse During Pregnancy

Maintaining optimal oral health during pregnancy is tricky. Hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy result in a dramatic decrease in the ability of saliva to counteract acid attack. This can be compounded by morning sickness, which can lead to a reflux of stomach acid. Reduced protection from saliva combined with frequent acid reflux means that many pregnant women are at high risk of tooth decay during pregnancy. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate already! To complicate matters, pregnant women are advised against having dental x-rays, so if tooth decay does lead to a toothache during pregnancy it can be difficult for a dentist to determine the extent and severity of the decay and how best to treat it.

The good news is that Tooth Mousse is safe for pregnant women to use. If applied regularly on teeth during pregnancy it will help to maintain elevated levels of calcium and phosphate in the saliva to protect the teeth from dental decay. If tooth decay does occur during pregnancy GC Tooth Mousse will help sooth sensitive teeth and protect areas of decay from increasing in size. For pregnant women there is the additional benefit of inhibiting the growth of decay causing bacteria, which in rare cases can be transmitted to the new born child.

Tooth Mousse for Babies & Kids

Newly erupted teeth have yet to complete their enamel maturation and until this occurs they are more vulnerable to acid attack. Boosting levels of calcium and phosphate in the saliva facilitates the normal post-eruption maturation process and replaces mineral loss on a daily basis. Recaldent the active ingredient in GC Tooth Mousse is derived from cow’s milk and is ideal for protecting deciduous teeth at a time when oral care is difficult. GC Tooth Mousse is fluoride free and is particularly useful for starting oral health care in babies under the age of two.

For children (under six) with early childhood tooth decay Tooth Mousse can be applied at night and left on teeth while sleeping to reduce the incidence of decay. As the main ingredient comes from milk, Tooth Mousse is safe to swallow!

Where can you buy GC Tooth Mousse?

GC Tooth Mousse is only available from dental clinics and Quality Dental carries stock of a range of GC Tooth Mousse for your convenience.

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