In today’s increasingly image conscious society you can’t ignore the aesthetic pursuit of having beautiful teeth – getting them to look white, healthy, straight and proportionate. Perhaps one of the most straightforward and visibly transformative ways to achieve beautiful teeth is through dental veneers.

Dental veneers is a cosmetic dental procedure created primarily to improve the appearance of the tooth. Dental veneers are not designed to restore functionality or health to your teeth. What they can do however is quite remarkable. If you have crooked, chipped or gappy teeth that cannot be fixed by other means, dental veneers is a great treatment option that helps to hide your flaws while giving the appearance of your natural teeth.

Whether for single or multiple teeth, veneers make an amazing smile makeover option that produce instant yet long-lasting results. Many celebrities have had veneers done simply because of their extremely natural and even appearance and their high stain resistance quality.

Indeed, if done with the appropriate aesthetic skills you won’t be able to tell someone has veneers, even when you’re looking directly at their teeth. A porcelain veneer possesses the same bright and translucent quality as natural teeth enamel. No one would be able to guess how you achieved that radiant celebrity smile.

Another important attribute of dental veneers is that the material is highly resistant to stains. That means you can continue to enjoy your morning coffee breaks and order your favourite red wines at the restaurant. Stain-causing foods and beverages will not be leaving any unwanted residue on your veneers.

Although veneers may be a little more expensive, the cost must be viewed in light of its durability and the fact that a properly bonded veneer can last for many years. They do not require you to change your eating or teeth cleaning habits, as they look and feel just like your own teeth.

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