Dental Implants

Missing or lost teeth can impact the function of your existing teeth and the appearance of your smile. Quality Dental can address these concerns using highly effective and long lasting dental implants. By replacing missing teeth we create a healthy, natural looking and complete smile.

How Do Implants Work?

A dental implant replaces the missing tooth’s root, which is used to secure the new tooth into position. The implant is made of titanium and is integrated into the jaw-bone below the surface of the gum. A porcelain crown is then attached to the top of the implant to mimic the profile of your natural teeth. We use hand-crafted porcelain crowns to ensure the new tooth perfectly matches the size, shape and colour of the surrounding teeth.

The Implant Process

Replacing a missing tooth or multiple teeth will be achieved over six relatively short appointments. Complex cases may require longer appointments.

1st Appointment: Consultation (40 minutes)

The first step is to meet with one of our dentists to assess your oral health and discuss treatment outcomes. Photographs, x-rays and 3D imaging will be taken at Quality Dental, and referrals for CT scans may be organised at this stage if required.

If you choose to have IV sedation your Anaesthetist will contact you a few days prior your surgery to discuss the procedure and care arrangements for you on the day.

2nd Appointment: Implant Surgery (1 hour)

The second step is the implant surgery at Quality Dental under IV sedation or local anaesthetic. You will be made comfortable with local anaesthetic or fully sedated by your Anaesthetist 30 minutes prior to the surgery. You will be given pain-management medication prior to waking up and you will be ready to go home with your carer approximately one hour after the procedure is completed.

3rd Appointment: Review Appointment (15 minutes)

The third step is a review of the implant by your dentist approximately 2 weeks following surgery.

Commonly an implant is left for a period of 6 weeks for a microscopic process that occurs during the healing stage called ‘osseointegration’. This is essential for creating a secure base for your new tooth/teeth. Osseointegration times will vary and the healing period may be longer for some patients.

4th Appointment: 3D Scan (30 minutes)

The fourth step is a simple non-invasive 3D scan of your mouth that allows the dentist to digitally design and make the permanent crown/s for the implant/s. You will also be fitted with a temporary crown to replace your missing tooth.

5th Appointment: Fitting New Tooth (15 minutes – 1 hour)

The fifth step is to remove the temporary crown and replace it with your new permanent crown or bridge.

6th Appointment: Final Review (15 minutes)

The last step is a final review of the implant.


The series of six appointments, including healing time, are spaced over 10-12 weeks.


Recovery will depend on the individual but generally you should be ready to go back to work 1-2 days after the surgery. We will provide you with a script for appropriate pain-management medication should you require it, and with a medical certificate to cover the period of time you require off work.

After Care

Care for your dental implants, like natural teeth, is provided at home with regular brushing, flossing and dental hygiene maintenance for a long-lasting healthy smile.

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Dental implants are made of titanium and have a useable life well over 30 years if well maintained. We use the highest-grade Straumann-brand titanium implants that are clinically proven to integrate exceptionally well with natural bone.

The implant will be placed inside the jaw-bone replacing the damage or missing tooth root. Once implanted the bone will naturally and safely grow around the surface of the titanium implant to create a permanent anchor for the new tooth.

Titanium implants provide greater versatility than other implant systems as they use a two-part system: the implant under the gum line and the post attached to the top of the implant that holds the new tooth.

Emergency Treatment

Quality Dental understands that losing a tooth is a traumatic experience. We offer emergency dental implant treatment to minimise your inconvenience and quickly restore your complete smile. Quality Dental will make arrangements for a same-day temporary tooth if you have lost a tooth, or prior to the removal of the damaged tooth. Ideally we remove the tooth and place the implant during the same procedure to reduce your recovery time.

Implant surgery is generally completed in less than one hour, and can be performed under local anaesthetic by one of our dentists. We also offer our patients IV sedation monitored by our Aneasthetist.

Dr Luke Cronin is a member of the International Team of Implantology (ITI) and uses the latest 3D design methods to ensure a predictable and aesthetically pleasing result.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding with a surgical or invasive procedure, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.