Let’s face it. Few of us are born with smiles that we’re completely happy about. The same goes for movie stars and celebrities. It is almost common knowledge that many of them rely on cosmetic dentistry to achieve those megawatt smiles that we find so alluring and beautiful. Now that many modern practices have introduced cosmetic dentistry into their services, the goal of achieving contoured, aligned and whitened Hollywood smiles is no longer just an elusive dream. It is fascinating to learn about the many smile by design treatment options that are available today. They literally transform an average looking smile to something that you’d expect to see on a movie star!

Quality Dental Sydney Celebrity smiles

Many celebrities rely on cosmetic dentistry to achieve those megawatt smiles that we find so alluring and beautiful

Indeed, what looks like a great smile to you may be different to another person. While some people are after a pristine white look, others prefer a less obvious, or even more macho smile. It’s a matter of taste, personality and style. Let’s look at a couple of celebrity smiles and discover the different dental treatments that helped to achieve the desired transformations.

Hugh’s Hue (Before and After Teeth Whitening)

Australian heartthrob Hugh Jackman charmed his way into our hearts with compelling performances on screen, stage and television. Thanks to his rugged good looks, the Wolverine star was named “sexiest man alive” by People magazine in 2008. Few people are aware that Jackman once had what he himself would call “shocking teeth”. His dentist had commented that his gray tetracycline teeth needed some brightening up, albeit with great care.

Monitoring the whitening process carefully, the dentist was careful not to over-bleach Hugh’s pearlies. The goal was to ensure that his teeth looked natural and lighter, but not too light – so as to retain the tough guy image. Jackman underwent a dentist-administered teeth-whitening treatment to make sure that the degree of whitening is controlled and the procedure was done in a safe, clinical environment. The result is a smile bright enough for an action movie star but not quite the level of whiteness you would expect from a boyband singer.

Quality-Dental-Sydney-celebrity smiles

While some people are after a pristine white and demure look, others prefer a less garish or macho smile

Pretty Woman – A Stunning Smile By Design

Julia Roberts had what most people would call a beautiful smile. After all, it was that perpetual grin in the movie Pretty Woman that got us noticing her in the first place. Still, the award-winning actress managed to make that famous smile even more gorgeous with dental veneers.

Veneers is one of the best kept Hollywood secrets when it comes to non-surgical means of getting a smile makeover. With the help of these thin shells of porcelain laminates, Robert’s famous grin had been perfectly straightened, evened out and elongated. The veneers addressed her dental flaws while mimicking the shiny and translucent attributes of natural teeth. The dental enhancement totally worked, and Roberts continues to be known for her sexy smile – except that it looks even better today.

Dr Luke Cronin of Quality Dental is a renowned Cosmetic Dentist based in Sydney Australia. He has worked with many celebrities and television personalities, transforming their smiles to look natural, beautiful and healthy.

Quality-Dental-Sydney-celebrity smiles

Dr Luke Cronin of Quality Dental is a renowned Cosmetic Dentist based in Sydney Australia

If you want a beautiful smile just like a celebrity, speak to Dr Cronin at Quality Dental in North Sydney. As a trained Cosmetic Dentist, he and his team at Quality Dental would love to design your dream smile! Call Quality Dental Sydney on (02) 9922 1159 or visit www.qualitydental.com.au

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