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Dental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Quality Dental, North Sydney.

Flossing Teeth: No More Excuses!

Flossing is more important than brushing your teeth! I know, bet you didn’t think you would hear a dentist tell you that. For some unknown reason flossing is something the average Australian tends to actively avoid, managing on average to floss just once a week. Mainly due to great marketing by the major oral health [...]

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Would you date someone if you knew they SNORED?

Loudly. All night long. Every night. Often we don’t get the chance to discover this gem of a condition until we are in a relationship and, well, it seems pretty trivial to break-up with someone because they can't stop snoring. However having a partner that snores can negatively impact the quality and quantity of sleep [...]

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Tooth Mousse. Awesome.

‘GC Tooth Mousse’ is a revolutionary Australian oral health product developed by a team of dentists and scientists at the University of Melbourne to combat tooth decay and sensitivity. Tooth Mousse contains calcium and phosphate derived from milk protein (casein) and it works by re-mineralising the enamel surface of the tooth, preventing and reversing surface [...]

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