Dannielle Hersant – Practice Manager

Dannielle began working with Dr Pulvirenti in 2001, when she was seeking a lifestyle change from the 24 hour a day hustle of the hospitality industry.  Our patients have been receiving 3 Michelin star service ever since.  Dannielle loves giving industry best service to clients.  She is possibly the most organised, efficient, neatest and goal orientated person on earth.  And Dannielle is absolutely on track to becoming the first team member at Quality Dental to go completely paperless.  Dannielle also enjoys socialising, travelling, reading, cooking, gardening and learning (never stop learning).


Janelle Wade – Dental Assistant & Front Office

Janelle has been in the dental industry for just a touch longer than Dr Pulvirenti has been alive on earth.  She has amazing energy and could do chair side dental assisting blind folded.  Janelle is gentle, kind natured, fast, organised and just knows absolutely everything about dentistry.  She has a particular natural skill in the area of speaking with patients about their dental treatment options and helping them decide on their best outcome.  Janelle also enjoys travelling, live music, socialising with friends, gardening and walking her dog, Saxon.


Jade Schnitzerling – Dental Assistant  & Front Office 

Jade started working with Dr Pulvirenti in 2015.  She is a wonderfully hard working and well organised clinician.  As a dental assistant, Jade is so well prepared and experienced, that she knows what Matthew is about to do, before he does it.  Jade also has the annoyingly skilful talent of never forgetting the name and face of our patients, which Dr Pulvirenti cashes in on daily.  Jade also enjoys reading, cooking, art and spending time with friends.  Her co-workers describe her as calm, bubbly and reliable.  As Jade is studying to be a teacher, Dr Pulvirenti knows he has around 18 months longer to convince her that her teaching degree will be best utilised at Quality Dental.