Porcelain Crowns Brisbane

Porcelain Crowns Sydney.

Porcelain crowns are regularly used in cosmetic dentistry to rebuild badly broken down teeth, so that they can be aesthetic and strong again. Porcelain crowns are recommended when more than one third of the original tooth volume is missing, due to infection, general wear and tear, or trauma. In such circumstances, porcelain crowns are essential, if keeping your teeth for life is the goal.

Porcelain Crowns Components

Porcelain crowns consist of a shell that mimics the appearance and strength of natural translucent tooth enamel. This shell is designed to protect the tooth’s under layers from sensitivity and further breakdown, and at the same time, look and feel like a natural tooth. To ensure the crowns look like your natural teeth, it is imperative that the colour of the crown blends with the colour of the surrounding teeth, using the principles of smile design and cosmetic dentistry. Dr Pulvirenti uses the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques to ensure an aesthetic outcome that will enhance the appearance of your smile.

High Quality Porcelain Crowns

Quality Dental uses the most aesthetic and durable porcelain crown materials currently available in dentistry. Teeth whitening is often considered prior to shade matching for a crown, to enhance the overall appearance of the teeth.

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