Many of the cosmetic injectables used in the beauty industry have a place in the dental world too. As professionals with unparalleled knowledge of facial anatomy, we’re able to provide cosmetic injectables here in Brisbane, with minimal risk. The members of the Quality Dental team use their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and keen eye for aesthetic perfection to deliver cosmetic injectables in a safe and controlled manner. Alongside their dental training, each one has qualifications in aesthetic dentistry. Because of this, Quality Dental should be your first choice for cosmetic injectables in Brisbane.

By choosing a dental professional to carry out your cosmetic injectables, you guarantee your safety. At Quality Dental, we have the expertise and equipment required to keep you safe at all times. If you require aftercare advice, we can provide it accurately and with your medical history in mind.

Finding the right cosmetic injectables in Brisbane for you

From anti-ageing effects through to achieving fuller lips, there’s a lot that the right cosmetic injectables can do for you. At Quality Dental, we specialise in Botulinum-toxin and dermal fillers to help our patients meet their aesthetic goals. Before you choose your treatment, it’s a good idea to learn more about what they can accomplish.

Using Botulinum-toxin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

Botulinum-toxin, also known as Botox, can make your wrinkles look less obvious. It achieves this by disrupting nerve signals targeting the muscles, signals that make wrinkles look more pronounced. These same muscles also play a role in wrinkle formation, which means Botox can play a preventative role when you use it at the right age. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about the ideal age for preventing wrinkles.

It’s possible to use Botox to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in various areas around your face. If there’s an area that concerns you, make an appointment with one of our dentists to discuss your needs.

Using dermal fillers to create a plump and youthful face

Dermal fillers are ideal for creating fuller lips and a plump and youthful face. They work by boosting your supply of hyaluronic acid at the injection site, which then attracts more water to the area. As a result, you can achieve fuller looking lips, or you can reduce the appearance of sagging skin in various areas across your face.

Who can benefit from cosmetic injectables?

Whether you’ll benefit from cosmetic injectables depends on a few factors. Botox usually benefits those who don’t have deep set wrinkles. In addition to relaxing the area surrounding the wrinkle and making it seem less obvious, your Botox will prevent the causative muscle from moving. If your wrinkles are very deep, it won’t have the same effect.

If you’re experiencing early signs of ageing due to too much sun exposure or pollutants, Botox is an excellent way to slow its progress. When you attend your first appointment for cosmetic injectables in Brisbane, our dental team will discuss a custom treatment plan that’ll benefit your ageing profile.

Dermal fillers often benefit those who have thin lips. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, our dentists can help you achieve fuller lips without disrupting your natural beauty. After the results of your dermal fillers settle in, you’ll enjoy a significant boost in your confidence levels.

Cosmetic injectables also benefit those who experience sagging jowls around their mouth. Over time, your skin in this area will sag as your body’s collagen and elastin supplies deplete. Using dermal fillers is a reliable way to temporarily fill the gap and achieve the full and youthful look you once enjoyed years ago.

What happens at a cosmetic injectables appointment?

Your first appointment for cosmetic injectables in Brisbane will begin with a consultation. It isn’t always possible to deliver the injectables at this appointment. However, it is an opportunity for your dentist to understand more about your medical history and the areas you want to tackle. At this appointment, he’ll make his recommendations for your treatment plan.

The appointment where the injections take place will last for around 20 minutes. During this time, Dr Cronin will use a micro-needle to inject your substance of choice into your face. The procedure is minimally invasive. You may experience a mild stinging sensation, but this doesn’t last long.

Are cosmetic injectables safe?

There’s plenty of research to support the use of cosmetic injectables in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and providing a more youthful look. They’re even safer still when they’re used by dental or medical professionals, as we have a sound knowledge of facial anatomy and can, therefore, target the right structures. At your first appointment with us, we’ll assess your suitability for the procedure you want. We’ll also brief you on what after care measure you will need to take, and answer any questions you have.

Does it take long to recover from cosmetic injectables?

Recovering from cosmetic injectables is usually quick and relatively pain-free. You may find that you experience some mild bruising if you use dermal fillers to achieve fuller lips. However, the Quality Dental team can provide information on how to reduce inflammation, as well as other types of aftercare advice.

If you would like to learn more about our cosmetic injectables in Brisbane, call (07) 3221 5855 for an appointment today.