Avoid Home-Made Teeth Whitening Solutions

You should definitely avoid home-made whitening solutions from recipes shared online or passed down from your grandparents – many of which involve the use of baking soda. While quality-brand dental toothpastes contain certain amount of baking soda in their ingredients, they are chemically processed to obtain the best mix and balance that in turn, produce the whitening results. The home-made solutions have not been tested and re-tested to ensure that your teeth and overall health will not be compromised by their composition and use.

Do Not Share Your Bleaching Kit

Never share a bleaching kit with a friend or family member. Don’t try to save money by co-financing a kit for shared use, as the results will backfire. In terms of over-the-counter products, the whitening strength is designed for one person and there will not be enough to be shared between two persons with visible results. As for dentist-prescribed take-home kits, the type and strength of the whitening agent is customised for an individual, just as the bleaching tray is customised to fit an individual set of teeth. Not only will the tray not fit your teeth properly – resulting in uneven spread of the whitening agent – the gel may be unsuitable for you.

Avoid Purchasing Ready Made Dental Polishers

Further, you should avoid purchasing dental polishers from Ebay and expect professional results. Every set of teeth is different, and unless you are a dentist, you wouldn’t know which polisher to use for which particular situation. You will not be able to pick up the skill by watching a Youtube tutorial! Remember, your teeth’s enamel, though strong, may not be able to withstand the abuse of certain toxic substances or dental tools wielded by untrained hands.

The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth

The best and safest way to whiten your teeth is undisputedly using a professional in-chair whitening method. The dentist is trained to use the most appropriate and clinically proven techniques to perform the treatment. Besides using the necessary protective devices and protocols, the dentist knows exactly the amount of whitening gel that can be used, the duration of time that the whitening substance should remain on your teeth – without causing any side effects – as well as the appropriate steps to take in the unlikely event that you have a reaction or allergy.

If you’re looking for the fastest and most successful result, there is no substitute for the in-chair method either. The whitening agents that dentists use have a higher bleaching content. For optimum results, you should seek out a dentist who is trained to administer the LED-light activated systems such as Zoom Whitening, which act as important catalyst to speed up the whitening process.

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