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About Dr Luke Cronin

Dr Luke Cronin is Sydney’s leading Cosmetic Dentist with his practice, Quality Dental, located in the heart of the North Sydney CBD on the lower north shore. Dr Cronin specialises in creating beautiful smiles with cutting edge cosmetic dentistry techniques namely Invisalign orthodontics, Philips Zoom whitening and porcelain veneers.

Types of permanent dental crowns

If your dentist has recommended permanent dental crowns as a possible treatment option for your decayed or damaged teeth, you may be interested to know that there are different types of tooth-like caps that you can choose from. Unlike temporary crowns that are mostly made of acrylic or stainless steel, permanent crowns are designed for [...]

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Debunking root canal myths

Root canal is a treatment recommended for patients suffering from a decay or trauma that has badly damaged their tooth’s nerve. Located at the centre of every tooth is the pulp, which supplies the nutrients to the tooth. When the pulp, which is also made up of nerves and blood vessels, has been compromised by [...]

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Impact of modern cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry has significantly evolved from its beginnings to improve the cleanliness, function and health of teeth to include more aesthetic goals. Driven by the quest to optimise the appearance of teeth and gums in relation to facial features, modern cosmetic dentistry has evolved to spawn many new techniques and breakthrough innovations. Unsightly metal braces have been [...]

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Rejuvenate your smile in less than one hour

If you look in the mirror and are not completely happy with the look of your smile, you may be wondering what dental options are available to rejuvenate your smile. If you fall into the time-strapped majority, you may not be willing or able to devote hours upon hours to improve the aesthetics of your smile. This is the [...]

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What to expect from a dental crown procedure

A dental crown is essentially a tooth-like cap that is placed over the affected tooth to repair its function and restore its aesthetic beauty. It is typically recommended as a treatment option to save and restore the function of a tooth that has been worn down or damaged by disease or injury. Crown placement involves [...]

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Injectable therapy for TMJ syndrome

The Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome or TMJ Syndrome refers to a condition that is generally characterised by jaw pain and tension. The TMJ condition occurs when the cartilage that serves buffer between connecting jaw bones gets damaged or worn out – causing lockjaw and headaches. One of the leading causes is teeth grinding and clenching, while bite [...]

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Preparing for dental implant surgery

If you are expecting to go for a dental implant surgery, you need to be aware that a high degree of planning and prior preparation are essential to ensuring successful results. The dentist is obviously the person who plans the treatment and executes the bulk of the pre-surgical process. However, as a patient, you must also [...]

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Types of teeth whitening options

Many people try to hide their smiles for fear of showing their discoloured or stained teeth. It is a real shame that anyone would smile less or refrain from smiling altogether just because they are not entirely comfortable with the colour of their teeth. If that sounds like something you are concerned about you will be glad to know [...]

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Dental emergency tips for children

When you find your child – or a child in your care – in a sudden dental crisis, the last thing you should do is panic. Of course, that is easier said than done, if you are not suitably prepared for such a situation and there isn’t a dental professional you can turn to. That [...]

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Avoid surgery with cosmetic facial injectables

Is your face showing signs of age? Do you have wrinkles on your forehead or crow’s feet around the eyes? Does your face look sunken and tired all the time because you have lost the vibrancy of more youthful skin? Perhaps it’s time to understand what treatment options are now available to you. In the [...]

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