To Much CordialHi, I’m not sure if you will have the answers I’m looking for but I just thought I’d ask. I have a daughter who is five years old she had some cordial in her bottle on the rare occasion when she was younger, between the age of 4 to 6 months. I’m guessing it would have been maybe three bottles all up in that period of time. She now has a black tooth – only one in the front and she had an abscess. I took her to the dentist and she had treatment, but they couldn’t make it better so removed the tooth and the treated the abscesses. She now has another  tooth growing in that spot and it’s black and decayed again. Is it because of me giving her too much cordial at a young age?

Too Much CordialI am sorry to here about your daughter. It is hard to say without having a look, but if it is a permanent tooth that is coming through it won’t have been affected by cordial that was injested between 4 and 6 months years of age. Permanent front teeth generally come through around the age of seven but it can be earlier. I recommend booking another appointment with your dentist to obtain a diagnosis on the new tooth.  I hope that is of some assistance.

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